09 outubro 2006

Grande fonte de zoação ele é, hrmmm?

Esta eu tenho que dividir com vocês:


"Lucrative source of quotes this Yoda is, hrmm? Easily parodied by simple rearrangements of common sentence constructions, his sayings are.

And what of this Yoda that we hear much about, young padawan? Appeared in the Star Wars films, he did. Based on Albert Einstein, apparently he was. Sounds much more like Fozzie Bear from the Muppets, he does however."

"A Jedi shall not know anger, nor fear, nor love. A bunch of grumpy old men, the Jedi are."

"An apprentice, you are. A Master, you are not. Green skin and long pointy ears, a Master must have."

"Pain, suffering, death I feel. Something terrible has happened. To the bathroom I must hurry."

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