24 março 2008

Epílogos da Crise

Acabei de enviar isto para Jonathan Woodward.

"Dear Sir,

"I cannot compliment you enough on your Crisis pages. After some (don't know how many: is it six?) years, they continue to be my prevalent source for research on CoIE.

"... But I have a minor addition to make on your "related texts" page.

"In Swamp Thing #62 (Jul'87), "Wavelength", Swamp Thing serves as a vehicle for Metron to enter the Source. Therein, Metron sees the whole reality in one gulp. Page 15, panel 8, shows a depiction of the multiverse (many Earths converging as in the classic Pérez representation) with the words, ""I witnessed a multitude of universes collapsing upon each other, attempting unification into a single coherent cosmology...". Then panel 9 shows people in their dollar-a-day routine and the words ""... leaving innumerable sentient beings unaware of what happened... living their lives as if all were normal...". Finally, panel 10 shows a roundish, crimson eddy and the words ""... as if the great wheel of Creation hadn't been thrown crazily out of balance...".

"Anyway, just thought I might throw in my 2 cents worth.

"Keep up the wonderful pages.

"Yours truly,

"Brazilian DC fan"

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