01 maio 2008

Anotações: Swamp Thing #87

Acabo de enviar isto a Jonathan Woodward. É uma contribuição a seu saite sobre a Crise nas infinitas Terras, onde há uma página sobre textos relacionados.

"(...) In Swamp Thing #87 (June 1989), the green plantman goes to Camelot. In page 8, there is this dialogue between him and Merlin:

"'That Knight [the Shining Knight] that drew me out of the wormhole... HE is able to travel through time?'

"'Sort of. First let me explain that time is a complicated thing. In fact, what many think to be time travel is merely the exploration of ALTERNATE worlds.

"'But at some point during YOUR era, a sort of CONVERGENCE of the worlds seems to have occurred.

"'And all the endless possibilities were boiled down into a single reality, which is MUCH easier to set up a direct channel to.'

"'HMMM. An interesting theory. Others I have encountered... have espoused it as well. But if there were... a CRISIS on such a scale... I'm sure I would REMEMBER it.' (...)"

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